How can activists and those who struggle for change Fight a Beast and win, if they are feeding it, protecting it, or participating with its life line?

Why scream at the people in political offices for fair treatment, when they are public servents not masters. You buy their electrical power,  - you use their gasoline, you use their Zionist Friends privately owned FRN - $. You pay them taxes, you use their running water full of toxic floride, you call their police, you even go play their fraudulent voter games…

Your helping the Beast destroy the Earth and enslave the masses. You are the one who gives the power to the Beast, you claim to struggle against. No wonder the Beast is deaf.

It has all it needs. Why should it be humane? When you volunteer into your own slavery and pay for your chains.

Wake up and see, the true reality.


ISBN-13: 9781456836344
Publication date: 1/18/2011
Pages: 286